What makes a good student city?

18th May 15.00 CEST

Nestled in the heart of Estonia, Tartu stands as the capital of the country’s student life. The city has long been known for its numerous universities, each contributing to the unique tapestry of the “Tartu spirit” carried forth by its student populace. 

In another corner of Europe, Chemnitz in Germany is the home to the technological university.  

But a student city is more than just its inhabitants where the academic life, job opportunities, urban design and much more make up a complex ecosystem. 

With the discussion we delve deeper into the issues involved in developing two different student cities and find new ideas for innovation from each other.


Discussion questions



Head of Estonian Medial Students’ Association


Vice Mayor of Tartu City 


Junior Professor of Sociology
TU Chemnitz


Citizen & Culture Worker in Chemnitz

Arnold Rein

Facilitator of the discussion

And more speakers to be announced!

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Our pan-European discussion encourages discovering new and different perspectives so your experiences and ideas are waited on the discussion stage! Be ready to share your thoughts with people from Estonia and Germany!


Where can I join the discussion?

Tartu, Estonia

Tartu Keskpark

Chemnitz, Germany

Chemnitz University of Technology

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Hyperlocal discussion format

We want to break out of the usual virtual event mindset and create a truly immersive pan-European discussion experience. The new hyperlocal discussion format connects different views of citizens from Chemnitz and Tartu to a joint discussion room. Video and sound seamlessly link multiple festival hubs, allowing you to engage in pan-European dialogue from your own city.  

To participate at HEDF you need to physically come to a physical room, but in that room you'll be digitally engaging with people in other countries who are also physically attending the festival.


The organiser of the discussion is OLE ROHKEM. (BE MORE.) student movement in Tartu.