HEHEDF x Chemnitz

Event: "Education dialogue"

17th May 13.00-16.30
Chemnitz University of Technology

Two culture capitals, shared futures

Chemnitz and Tartu in Estonia, despite their distance share questions about the future of the cities and their young people. What kind of people should our education form? How can we be an inspiring city to study and to live in?

This event brings together citizens of two cities in a unique hyperlocal discussion format. Come and share your experiences and gain new insights from Tartu, the European Culture Capital of 2024.



Reimagining Schools’ Responsibilities in a Changing World

Schools and teachers have always played an important role in imparting knowledge and nurturing young individuals.

However, as the world evolves, societal expectations of what schools should do and teach have grown significantly – from providing subject-specific knowledge to educating students on environmental and financial literacy, and teaching them behavioral and collaborative skills.  Teachers often have significant autonomy in their classrooms and the ability to guide students in the direction they choose. However, what changes should be left undone?




What makes a good student city?

Nestled in the heart of Estonia, Tartu stands as the capital of the country’s student life. The city has long been known for its numerous universities, each contributing to the unique tapestry of the “Tartu spirit” carried forth by its student populace. 

In another corner of Europe, Chemnitz in Germany is the home to the technological university.  

But a student city is more than just its inhabitants where the academic life, job opportunities, urban design and much more make up a complex ecosystem. 

With the discussion we delve deeper into the issues involved in developing two different student cities and find new ideas for innovation from each other.

All attendees are invited to join the hyperlocal discussion! The discussions will be held in English.

Event location

Chemnitz University of technology


Hyperlocal discussion format

We want to break out of the usual virtual event mindset and create a truly immersive pan-European discussion experience. The new hyperlocal discussion format connects different views of citizens from Tartu and Chemnitz to a joint discussion room. Video and sound seamlessly link multiple festival hubs, allowing you to engage in pan-European dialogue from your own city.  

To participate at HEDF you need to physically come to a physical room, but in that room you'll be digitally engaging with people in other countries who are also physically attending the festival.

About the organiser

In 2025, the city of Chemnitz will be the European Capital of Culture 2025 – together with 38 municipalities from Central Saxony, the Ore Mountains and Zwickau. Under the motto “C the Unseen”, previously unseen potential, places and creators are to become visible. Locals and visitors from all over the world are invited to (re)discover Chemnitz.

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