We're situated in Estonia, Tartu

Address: Raekoja plats 1 / Ülikooli 7, Tartu 51003

Registration code: 90007342

IBAN: EE432200221020434752

Our team

We work to enable a better public discussion in Europe. A big part of our team consists of different volunteers and other people helping.

Joanna Kurvits

Project manager

Petrik Saks

Tartu hub manager

Ruth Sisask

Communication manager

Kristel Jakobson

Project writer

Hedi Teidearu

European hubs team member

Karoliina Arus

European hubs team member

Taaniel Raudsepp

Sponsorship manager

Edit Tammepõld

Communication team

Kristjan Valgur

Communication team

Anni Eerik

Communication team

Nele Leit-Teetlaus

Communication team

Heleri Tähtre

Communication team

Main organizer

Based mostly on the ideas of Karl Popper and Francis Fukuyama, we believe that the best environments to enable social, cultural and technological innovation are built on democratic institutions – this is why we want to spark public discussion on democracy innovation.

HEDF if part of the official programme of event for the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024

Arvamusfestival is the main organiser of Tartu [eel]arvamusfestival in 2024. They have carried the culture of democracy festivals in Estonia for 10 years. 

Our partner Miltton Events creates the hyperlocal solutions for the festival discussions

Üliõpilaskonna Sihtasutus engages Tartu student organisations to the creation of the festival