Making Health Education Innovation Possible

18th May 11.00 CEST

The goal of the discussion is to talk about way in which health education could be looked at more holistically in formal and nonformal education.

The young nowadays have more access to various sources of information, which makes it even more important to provide up to date correct information. Furthermore, it will also be about how the teachers feel the discussion could evolve and how they could be best supported in this. 


The discussion will direct the participants attention to a topic that is not often discussed in the public and makes people often uncomfortable for no reason. We are all human and it’s best we learn about ourselves in informed and secure way. 


Discussion questions


Ana Valdmann

University of Tartu
Youth Academy Director

Roderick Borg

Youth Worker

Lisa Petitjean

Kissing Tartu project representative

Trine Tamm

Facilitator of the discussion

And more speakers to be announced!

Discuss along

Our pan-European discussion encourages discovering new and different perspectives so your experiences and ideas are waited on the discussion stage! Be ready to share your thoughts!


Where can I join the discussion?

Tartu, Estonia

Tartu Keskpark

Hosted by

About Hybrid European Democracy Festival

HEDF is a discussion festival that seeks to connect people who share an interest in the future of society. On 17-18 May 2024, the festival joins people for discussions from over 15 different locations all over Europe for truly seamless & hyperlocal public discussions. W

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The organiser of the discussion is Kissing Tartu project. The project is part of the official programme of European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024.