Have we forgotten Moldova and Georgia?

17th May 15.00 CEST

The war in Ukraine has shined light to forgotten EU candidate countries, Moldova and Georgia. Moreover, broader discussion about the relations between candidate countries and the European Union should be facilitated. 

The goal of this discussion is to raise awareness about the situation of candidate countries. Through panel and the following Q&A session a better understanding will be created about the possible co-operation and contribution between European Union and candidate countries.

Discussion questions



Foreign Relations Expert


Researcher in University of Tartu


Facilitator of the discussion

Anastasia Isabella Poole

Facilitator of the discussion

And more speakers to be announced!

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Where can I join the discussion?

Tartu, Estonia

Tartu Keskpark

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Hyperlocal discussion format

We want to break out of the usual virtual event mindset and create a truly immersive pan-European discussion experience. The new hyperlocal discussion format connects different views of citizens from Ljubljana and Tartu to a joint discussion room. Video and sound seamlessly link multiple festival hubs, allowing you to engage in pan-European dialogue from your own city.  

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The organiser of the discussion is Rahvusvaheliste Suhete Ring (International Relations Circle).