Arts as regional survival kit

17th May 17.00 CEST

The problem of communities located far from the centers in all three Southern Estonia, Northern Norway and Upper Austria Alps is marginalization and, with it, worsening poverty and loneliness. How can arts and do artist have the power to stop it? 

In order for life on the outskirts to function, a vibrant community must exist or emerge there. Ideally, there should be a balance between different age groups in the community, in other words, so that the community is not only formed by those who could not leave. 

And one of the most important components in the communities  in Northern Norway, Upper Alps and Southeastern Estonia are very local artist-led initatives which bring together global topic, local and international community.  

This discussion aims to share initatives, practical examples on how arts or artists have helped to overcome marginalization and extinction of region and given new opportunities for people and especially youth.


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Multidisciplinary artist,
project “Wild Bits”


project “Overtones of South Estonian Country Sheds”


Next Generation You
Salzkammergut 2024 project

Aleksandr Fadeev

Tartu 2024

Tile von Damm

International Relations
Salzkammergut 2024

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Tartu 2024

The organiser of the discussion is Tartu 2024 Foundation.