Help us create a totally new way of having an European discussion!

Our team works to create a new kind of public discussion in Europe. The kind that is accessible to people without expensive travel or digital skills. A human discussion enhanced by digital means. The festival seeks to connect people within their own hometown but then also with other Europeans while discussing global problems.

We're building a European public sphere for the 21st century

The salons of the future are neither physical nor digital, they are hyperlocal. Despite all the technological advances, humans stay human. And humans like human contact. So the new public sphere that can enable a truly democratic Europe has to involve contact – this is what we call a hyperlocal format.

We see that global challenges need global discussions

With the ever deepening environmental challenges, geopolitical disruptions and technological advances the global governance needs to speed up to keep up. Our hyperlocal discussions are a testing platform for a new form of international democratic discussion, allowing for a truly international thoughtful public opinion to emerge.

We're looking for hope and spreading it far and wide

Discussions are not just about information – they are as much, if not more about social movements, about inspiration, about activization. So we see the bleakness of our prospects as a species and answer with a dash of hope.

Help HEDF come to life

Public discussion is the cornerstone of democracy and open society. We want to share our excitement and think along with all kinds of partners who would want to be part of creating a new movement for pan-European public discussion. 

How to contribute as a partner?

There are many ways to contribute to making the festival happen. 

Give your expertise

Feel like your skills can come to use? We are always looking for people to share experiences to our team and organising partners.

Help us network

If you feel your network would be inspired from the festival, help us share the idea!

Become a sponsor

Become our sponsor and have a chance to support the discussions that matter the most to your organisations. 

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Joanna Kurvits

Project manager