DD and Timeout published a toolkit on arranging hybrid and transnational dialogues

HEDF team

A transnational dialogue is a conversation between people from different countries, cultures, and perspectives that can be held in person, online, or hyperlocally. DD Foundation and Timeout Foundation have published a toolkit helping to facilitate and organise transnational dialogues effectively. 

The toolkit is created for any organisation thinking about how to have more impactful discussions with people from different countries. and gives tips and tools on how to overcome the main difficulties that organisers can face in holding impactful dialogues over distance. They relate to the purpose of arranging transnational dialogues, choosing a topic that is relevant for many international settings and locations, and taking into consideration several different language backgrounds. 



Toolkit can be found on Timeout Foundation’s website: https://www.timeoutdialogue.fi/tool/arranging-hybrid-dialogues/


To learn more about how to use the toolkit and get an experience of a digital transnational dialogue, we await anyone to take part in our webinar on 5th February 14.00-16.00 (Eastern European Time/Helsinki time) on Zoom

Register to the webinar by 31st January here: https://forms.gle/9YapfNeZrdWtM4rLA




Dialogue is a big part of how we communicate with others, it is an important skill to create connection, discuss problems and find solutions. Timeout is an organisation that came up with a certain way to have constructive discussions it is called Timeout-dialogue.


Timeout is a dialogue method for people from different backgrounds. You can use Timeout-dialogue whenever a deeper understanding of the topic or an equal encounter is required – for instance, as a part of preparations, decision-making or bringing different people together. Timeout offers an opportunity to pause and consider things in peace.


Timeout is always a facilitated discussion. The facilitator will take care of the constructiveness of the discussion. Great support for the facilitator and the participants are the ground rules for a constructive discussion.


Transnational discussions – platform for public discussions without borders


The toolkit was created as a response to find more connections in a globalising world. The world community is facing deepening challenges and political disruptions that require cross-border solutions and cooperation more than ever. 


Transnational dialogues create a constructive and equal environment where people can share their experiences with local participants from other countries. Sharing perspectives gives citizens more knowledge and tools to tackle the shared problems that we are facing, connecting people from different places to share experiences that allow people to widen their perspectives and therefore come up with  better solutions together.


Hyperlocal dialogues as a new way for transnational discussions


Toolkit also introduces a new level of hybrid events, called the hyperlocal discussion format. The new hyperlocal dialogue format allows to seamlessly exchange thoughts with people from other countries without leaving their hometown.  It will make participants feel as if you were in the same room as the other participants even though they might be on the other side of the world. As the technologies advance, this can be the new way for discussing in the Nordic region, Europe or world. 


About the toolkit creators


This tool has been developed together with DD Foundation and Timeout-Foundation in preparation for the Hybrid European Democracy Festival to develop pan-European discussions. This tool allows anyone to learn from the festival experience and organise transnational discussions themselves.

Toolkit and webinar has been funded by Nordic Councils of Ministers from the programme “Prosperous Future”. Read more about the project here.

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