HEHEDF x Arantzazulab

Event: "Institutionalising Deliberative Democracy in the Basque Region"

17th May 11.00 CEST
Arantzazulab – Democracy innovation lab

Institutionalising Deliberative Democracy in the Basque Region

 In this event, we will bring together different actors from policy makers, university researchers, deliberative experts, innovation practitioners and students to discuss the ongoing efforts in the Basque Region to promote and institutionalise Deliberative Democracy, in order to promote collaborative governance strategies to strengthen democracy. Drawing on previous experiences of developing Citizens’ Assemblies and Climate Assemblies in the region, we’ll discuss the opportunities and challenges of introducing this approach in a permanent and sustainable way in Basque institutions. 

Future Basque Citizens' Assembly

We’ll also open a conversation about the future Basque Citizens’ Assembly, an ambitious proposal to become the first nationwide permanent climate assembly, in response to the recently approved law on energy transition and climate change in the Basque Parliament.




Introduction and setting the context – placing the event within the framework of the Hybrid European Democracy Festival


What are the strategies, challenges and opportunities for the institutionalisation of deliberative democracy practices in public institutions?

Roundtable discussion


  • Arantzazulab – Naiara Goia
  • Gipuzkoa Provincial Council – Mikel Pagola
  • Tolosa City Council – Garikoitz Lekuona
  • University of the Basque Country – Igor Ahedo


New law on energy transition and climate change in the Basque Country - new ways of involving citizens in public decision- making. Basque Citizens' Assembly

Roundtable discussion


  • EVE
  • Deliberativa – Arantxa Mendiharat


Key takeaways. Closing the local event



Lunch Break

Arantzazulab Hall


Joining the live broadcast discussion on Deliberative Democracy at the HEDF


Opportunity to engage in a dynamic public discussion on the intersection of climate democracy and deliberative citizen engagement: “How to strengthen climate democracy with deliberative citizen participation?”. Discussion shares experiences of experts and practitioners from Estonia, Belgium, and the UK. 

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Event location

Arantzazu auzoa 1

Basque Country

About the organiser

Arantzazulab is a laboratory for innovation in governance and democracy. It aims to deepen and disseminate collaborative governance by reflecting, researching and experimenting with new models of relationships between public institutions and civil society, with a view to empowering people, promoting collaborative governance of public policies and strengthening democracy.

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