Supporting climate action through activism and litigation

17th May 11.00 CEST

Discussion topic

The number of court cases related to climate change has rapidly increased all over the world, and has rapidly become  a way to support climate action. Because of its novelty, much remains to be explored regarding our understanding of the role of litigation and its links to climate activism. 

On behalf of RETOOL, a new Horizon Europe project aimed at strengthening democratic climate governance, we would like to invite you to join active citizens and researchers from Ireland, Finland, Italy and the UK for a hyperlocal discussion on 17th May 2024. The discussion supports the goals set for research on climate litigation and activism.

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Kulovesi Kati_3602


University of Eastern Finland
Professor & co-director of the Center for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Law


University of Trento



Associate Professor
London School of Economics and Political Science

Hanna Aho


Policy Officer at The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation


Community Law and Mediation


Diarmuid Torney

Associate Professor in Politics 
Dublin City University

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Join our pan-European discussion! We encourage sharing new and diverse perspectives. Share your experiences and ideas on the discussion stage – you’ll be connecting with participants from all event locations!


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Hyperlocal discussion format

We want to break out of the usual virtual event mindset and create a truly immersive pan-European discussion experience. The new hyperlocal discussion format connects different views of citizens from Dublin and Helsinki to a joint discussion room. Video and sound seamlessly link multiple festival hubs, allowing you to engage in pan-European dialogue from your own city.  

To participate at HEDF you need to physically come to a physical room, but in that room you'll be digitally engaging with people in other countries who are also physically attending the festival.

ReTool project

Discussion introduces a new research project called ReTool.

Over the next 3 years, the ReTool project seeks to both address the climate crisis and also reinvigorate and strengthen democratic processes and structures. The project posits that these are ‘twin challenges’ which are linked, and it seeks to deepen understanding of the relationship between them.

The project has received funding from the European Union’s HORIZON EUROPE Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No101132661.